Beautiful & Healthier Smile!!!

An amazing way to whiten your teeth.
The average results vary from 5 to 12 shades whiter.
Results depend on each individual.
After the procedure follow a 'White Diet' for 24 hours.
Your smile is important. It's one of the first things people notice when they meet you, and a brighter, whiter smile can help you feel better about yourself and leave a lasting impression. Beaming White products produce amazing results. Our patent-pending whitening gel 16% Hydrogen Peroxide solution and revolutionary LED light system technologies generate incredible results. Whether it's coffee, tobacco, red wine, or just the effects of time that have stained your teeth, system guarantees you a beaming white smile. It is more effective because the gel has a 16% hydrogen peroxide concentration (the highest concentration in the market it is a medical grade). With the tray system the highest you can safely use is 12% hydrogen peroxide, 16% in a mouth tray will cause a lot of gum irritation, we apply vitamin E to protect your gum, sometime a client might get a little white spot on their gum about 90% of clients do not, but if that happen do not worry it is not going to stay for more then 15 minutes. We are the number 1 Teeth Whitening company in several countries in EU.
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