What is Light Therapy?
Skin has a wonderful ability to absorb light and utilize this energy to stimulate a healing response. Light therapy uses specific color wavelengths to penetrate different levels, providing a wide range of benefits. The light energizes cells to produce collagen, provide improved circulation, kill bacteria, and eliminate toxins. In turn, skin becomes younger-looking, clearer, and more radiant. It also heals faster.
How Does It Work?
Skin absorbs the light. Skin converts light energy into ATP (cellular fuel). Energized cells perform at an enhanced rate due to increased RNA and DNA activity, like the cells in young skin, thus providing numerous healthful and beautifying benefits such as:
Increased fibroblast activity for increased collagen & elastin protein production (multiple anti-aging benefits). The release of nitric oxide (anti-inflammation, anti-pain, and healing benefits)
Increased circulation (rejuvenating and revitalizing benefits) 
Benefits of Light Therapry - 8 Wavelengths
Red – reverses signs of aging with multiple anti-aging benefits including collagen production
Orange – revitalizes skin for special occasions
Yellow – reduces appearance of redness, swelling & inflammation from sunburn and rosacea
Green – calms skin, reduces inflammation and hyper-pigmentation, brightens skin
Cyan – calms skins, reduces appearance of capillaries, promotes healing, fortifies Treatments.
Blue – treats active acne and whitens teeth
Purple – increases cell regeneration
Infrared LED light therapy uses concentrated beams of light to help remove skin blemishes.    In general, infrared light therapy uses a combination to promote skin health.