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 We need to learn how to take care of our magnificent

Body and Soul.

Every thought we think, and every word we speak, are creating our own future. When you see older man/women who are frail, ill and incapacitated, you are often looking at a lifetime of inadequate nutrition, lack of exercise, and an accumulation of negative thoughts and beliefs. It does not have to be that way.  It is very important to educate ourselves to be able also to help others. 

  What is a Macrobiotic Diet?

If you are suffering from breast cancer then a macrobiotic diet may help you combat your disease. Breast cancer occurs when cells in your develop abnormally.breast tissue Breast cancer is caused by the presence of estrogen in breast tissue. Sometimes, chemicals are used to prevent estrogen from accumulating in the breast.

What Foods you should Eat and Should Not Eat
A macrobiotic diet includes fruits and vegetables but excludes foods rich in fats. After consulting your doctor, you can follow a macrobiotic diet during your treatments. You should eat vegetables, fruits and grains regularly. You can eat vegetables like cabbage, pumpkin, carrots, winter squash, and broccoli.
You can also take bean or vegetable based soups. Studies have shown that sea vegetables and whole grains have the potential to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Some examples of whole cereal grains are barley, oats, whole wheat, corn and brown rice.You should not eat dairy products, red meat, poultry, aromatic herbs, sugar, processed foods, coconut and bananas. While preparing your food, you should take special care to use only natural materials made of ceramic, enamel, glass or wood. You should also stop taking fast foods and microwavable frozen meals.

These foods are not good for your health and invite a large number of diseases. f you wish to follow a macrobiotic diet then you should consume 50% grain, 25% cooked vegetables, 10% proteins, 5% sea vegetables, 5% soups and 5% fruits on a regular basis. The food you eat should be free from pesticides and chemicals. It would be better if you avoid taking irradiated foods completely. If possible, also avoid taking potatoes, peppers, vitamin supplements and eggplant.

Things You Should Know Before Following a Macrobiotic DietIf you have made up your mind to follow a macrobiotic diet then there are few things which you should know. You may become prone to nutritional deficiencies especially vitamin D and B-12 after taking a macrobiotic diet. A macrobiotic diet is high in fiber and low in fats and helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases. It is possible that you may be able to treat your breast cancer successfully with the help of a macrobiotic diet.Before following a macrobiotic diet, study thoroughly about this diet and see whether you can strictly adhere to it or not.
You need to make changes in your diet and lifestyle. You should remain calm and relaxed while eating your meals. The purpose of eating a macrobiotic diet is to circulate natural energies in your body. The macrobiotic diet helps you to lead a happy and healthy life. You can also take the help of a macrobiotic dietician to select foods which are best for you and will help in your breast cancer treatemt.